Dog House Training – Dog Obedience Training

Training your dog is not a big task if you know how to do it correctly. In order to save time we need to follow certain step which makes the process very very simple, so that it is achieved in a short period of time. Training should be given in such a way that they understand what we convey them. See, dog has a different sense than human. Humans are capable of thinking the past, present and future but this makes the difference in dog. They only have the sense of thinking only the present, such that they concentrate only the current activity they do. So we have to plan training according to that. Only these kinds of measures will make the training simple.


We need to begin the training by performing the character analysis. Don’t think it is a very difficult job and don’t panic how I am going to perform those things. Character analysis is just an observation of your dog activity. You need to just observe the dog for few days or a week. This is done mainly done to understand their behavior. On seeing those things, we can understand their likes and dislikes. This will help us in training them.

Training must be always a two way communication. There must be interaction between yourself and your dog. If there is one way communication, such that only the human is the commander then there will be no effective result. You should also able to understand their feelings also and act according to that. So you should be clear with one thing, you must communicate in such a way that your dog understands and you must know what your dog says.


Always start your training with simple exercise. From that only you can able to understand the mistakes from your part, such that the flaw in the communication and also their understanding level. From this their ability is known from the primary training. You must act as a judge to decide the nature of your dog. Only your judgment will help to improve your dog. If your judgment is wrong then it will reflect in the later training and don’t let thing down immediately if your dog does not perform the exercise. Dogs are different type. Each breed is of different type and their ability to pick up is different from the other. Hence let your dog to take its own time to do the exercise.


If you feel that your dog is able to perform something then continue your training to the next level of training. The important thing in training is that continuous practice. Often repeating the training will help your dog to pick up training and you will find there is increase in the response time. Try your training under different condition and different mood. For example, try giving the same training in different location. Never limit your training within the backyard. Because few dog have the ability to train their mind to the particular places and will tend to forget the action in new environment. So that, you’re training might not help you in right places. Always see to that training is given under all possible condition.

House Training Dogs – Yes You Can!

House training dogs is no easy task, to be honest, but it has to be done. Otherwise you’ll have a dog that has accidents in the house constantly and you’ll be forever busy cleaning your carpets. You might even begin to notice a smell to your house. Pretty soon you’ll be wishing you never had a dog and will start thinking about giving him away. The kids will cry because they’ve become so attached to him and you’ll feel horrible.

As you can see, it’s better to house train your dog from the start, so potty training puppies advice is in order here. Having had several puppies in my lifetime I’ve learned a thing or two.

1. To potty train a puppy you need an infinite amount of patience. You know that expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well it applies to the situation at hand. Puppies need lots of your patience because they’re puppies. They will forget. They might remember twice in a row what they’re supposed to do and then forget it, just like kids do.
Above all, remember you are the adult and you can’t give up and throw in the towel. Even when your dog has poo’d in the house, stepped in it, and dragged it all over from it’s original resting spot, you have to keep your cool and have patience.
2. When house breaking a puppy, be consistent. If you take him outside after every meal so he can take care of business, he’ll start to learn that behavior. If you stop taking him out after every meal, he’ll do his dirty in the house. You have to take your dog out consistently and often.

3. People like feedback and so do dogs. Praise your pup after he’s gone successfully outside. Do this every time so he makes the connection between his actions and your pleasure. Likewise, communicate your displeasure after he’s had an accident inside, but do it when you catch him in the act.  Don’t hit him or he’ll start connecting the dots that any pooping or peeing is bad.

House Training Dogs

When you are bringing home a new puppy, one of the most important things to consider is house training dogs. This is something that will come back to haunt you, if you do not take the time to teach the dog to not go in the house. Your dog could easily ruin rugs or even worse entire flooring in rooms that they go to the bathroom in, this is not only costly it is disgusting as well. You do not want a dog feeling like they are allowed to use the bathroom in your home; this is why the training is so critical.

Training That Makes Sense

House training dogs is something that you will be dedicating a great deal of time, in order for the dog to master it. There are many things that could set a dog back from their house breaking training, and if you are not careful a simple issue can become a major stall or stick in the spokes. You need to be patient with the young dog, and show them that it is OK to go outside. This will allow the dog to experiment with the area of where they would prefer to go, when they are taken out. House training your dog is training that actually makes sense. It is something that will get the dog to go potty outside, and they will not make your home their personal toilet. This is good for everyone involved, and the dog will most likely not even remember the training happened after a few years.

Trial And Error

House training dogs is more or less about trial and error. You will be working with the dog on a variety of methods in order to get them to go outside. You will want to be sure that the puppy is take out at the very least once per hour during the day. This will give the dog a chance to see that they can be outside and that this is the appropriate place for them to potty. At around the 30 minute mark after then have eaten or had a drink, they should also be brought out. This is because their digestive track is not mature yet, so they will not be able to wait as long as an older dog. These simple guidelines will help set the boundaries for the puppy, and the puppy will stand a better chance at success.

You Will Appreciate It In The End

House training dogs is something that you will definitely appreciate at the end, and you will be more than happy that you took the time to show them where to potty. If the dog is not shown otherwise, there is really no reason why the dog should not go to the bathroom in the house. This is not their fault as they do not know any better, so this is where you come in. the proper training will come from you, and will benefit both of you.